How being a fashion designer save my entire family from public shame

How being a fashion designer save my entire family from public shame

My family has never been a regular family, everything about us was different everyone knew that, the difference to some was good but to the majority it was bad. It just happened that any time we have a gathering in the village, maybe a wedding or a burial a certain drama must break out from the family that will give the town a topic to discuss, laugh and ridicule about us. Because of this I avoided going to the village as much as possible but it was my twin wedding, I couldn’t avoid it, in fact my absence will definitely give the town another topic of discussion for days and the shame will come upon us once again. so I couldn’t avoid going.

I am the passive one in the family, the last to know what is going on.
I saw my sister crying, that the tailor she gave everyone’s clothes to for the wedding sent the clothes without completing them and the one’s completed weren’t fitting at all, that infact she wasn’t going to get married again because she had no clothes to wear and nobody had clothes to wear.

Nobody knew I had taken a course in fashion designing and that I could sew, that was how I took all the clothes and fixed everything, saving my entire family from another public shame.

Just imagine I didn’t have the skill🤔
A fashion designing skill is a great skill to have.

Written by Jehosheba Abahi